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ClasX cleaning accessories

Picture of large chamois


At ClasX, we believe in offering a complete car care experience. That’s why we complement our Wash Wands and cleaners with a range of quality accessories.

Discover our top-quality chamois leathers, carefully selected to provide exceptional absorption and a streak-free finish.

For thorough wheel and tyre cleaning, we offer strong brushes specifically designed to tackle dirt and grime effectively. With durable bristles and ergonomic handles.

Our real bristle grille and vent brushes provide precise and gentle cleaning for hard to reach areas.

Our quality microfibre cloths a great for both exterior and interior detailing. They deliver exceptional results, with no lint or streaks left behind.

Complete your cleaning arsenal with our soft stockinette, a versatile cloth that is perfect for many applications. Its soft texture makes it an ideal choice for gentle wiping and polishing.

At ClasX, we strive to offer a comprehensive range of top-quality cleaning accessories that meet our standards of excellence. Stay tuned as we continuously expand our inventory to provide you with the best tools for your car care needs.

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