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Our wash wands are magic on road salt!

Road gritter

The problem with road salt

Our wash wands kits are designed to help classic car owners battle corrosive road salt. UK roads are treated with approximately two million tonnes of rock salt annually. When you drive on a treated road, your vehicle is drenched in brine. Standing water can also mix with road surface contaminants to form damaging acids. This combination of brine and acids significantly increase the likelihood of rust.

But fear not! We’re here to help you protect your classic car from these corrosive elements. Our wash wands are designed to provide a targeted and efficient cleaning solution. With our wash wands in hand, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your vehicle’s longevity and beauty.

Introducing ClasX wash wands

Our car cleaning wands are designed to transform your cleaning routine into a quick and hassle-free experience. Our shorter wand is ideal for rinsing off panels and cleaning under wheel arches. It has ample power and precision.

For cleaning underneath your vehicle, our longer wand is the perfect companion. It’s designed in such a way you simply sweep it down each side of your car. Strategically placed holes to ensure even water distribution.

Our wands connect to your garden hose, providing just the right water pressure for your cleaning needs. Cleaning your car’s undercarriage has never been so easy!

Long Wash Wand picture
Wash Trolley in use

The pro trolley solution

Introducing the pro wash trolley – a step up from our long wash wand for effortless cleaning. Equipped with four high-performance nozzles on the cleaning head, this trolley generates a powerful flow from a standard garden hose for a swift clean.

Designed with convenience in mind, our wash trolley features two large plastic wheels and a robust jockey wheel. This ensures smooth and easy manoeuvrability, on even surfaces. It’s ideal for owners who prefer to avoid crouching or bending. The trolley and handle come in five quick fix parts, allowing for effortless disassembly and compact storage.

Road Rinse and Winter Wash

Road Rinse and Winter Wash are essential components of our comprehensive cleaning system designed to keep your classic car in pristine condition.

Road Rinse is a gentle all-surface cleaner that helps gently loosen and remove salt contamination. You can trust Road Rinse to provide the gentle yet powerful cleaning action your vehicle deserves.

Winter Wash is a high-quality shampoo that goes above and beyond cutting through tough road grime. Specially formulated lubricants ensure your wash mitt glides  effortlessly across your bodywork, preventing any potential scratching. Long-lasting rich suds work tirelessly to wash away dirt and salt particles, leaving your vehicle impeccably clean.

Road Rinse and Winter Wash have a pleasant apple mint scent.

ClasX Tester Kit
Wash Wand Detail

Quality that last

Our wash wands are designed to offer convenience and durability. Equipped with standard brass connectors for simple connection to your garden hose.

Our wands are solidly made from brass and steel and built to withstand harsh conditions. They’re engineered for long-lasting performance, providing you with reliable tools that will stands the test of time. Our wands fitted with taps, allowing you to adjust and regulate the water usage according to your needs.

To enhance your cleaning arsenal, all three of our Wash Wand kits include a top-quality chamois leather. This premium accessory offers superior absorbency and a spotless finish.


Protecting classic cars from British winters. Less salt equals less rust.

Classic and Sportscar Magazine – “These ClasX lances are an ideal way to wash away salt and road grime from the tricky-to-reach wheelarches and underfloor areas. An effortless and excellently priced way to keep your classic in great condition, even in the places you can’t see.” 

Car Mechanic Magazine – “ClasX Cleaning’s Winter Wash Wand system protects your pride and joy from the corrosion caused by road salt. Originally designed for Classics, the five-step cleaning set-up can protect any car from the ground up.” 

Mini Magazine – “ClassX Cleaning have launched a unique five-step system for reducing corrosion caused by road salt. The system makes it a cinch to clean the bottom of your car every time its driven on a gritted road.”   

D McGuinness, Northampton, E-type Jaguar owner“The wash wands are solidly made and really easy to attach to my garden hose. The car shampoo is super concentrated, so you only need a small squirt in a bucket of lukewarm water.”  



The starter kit comes with two Wands – one for cleaning bodywork and one for cleaning under your car. PLUS 100ml samples of our Road Rinse & Winter Wash Shampoo and a small super-absorbent natural chamois.



The complete kit comes with the same two wands. PLUS 500mls of Road Rinse, 500mls of Winter Wash Shampoo and a full-sized super absorbent natural chamois.



The pro kit comes with the same items as the complete kit BUT the long underbody wand is replaced by a wheeled trolley cleaner, which avoids the need to bend.

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