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How to use ClasX wash wands

Graphic of Road Rinse

Fig 1.

If your car has been washed recently spray Road Rinse on the lower half of your car.

If your car has not been washed recently skip this step and clean your car with ‘ClasX Winter Wash shampoo’.

Fig 2

Connect the short wash wand to your garden hose and wash under each wheel arch.

Wash Wand under wheel arch
Washing off Road Rinse

Fig 3

Use the short wand to wash the Road Rinse off. Don’t forget this isn’t a full-blown wash – you’re just focusing on removing salt contamination.

Fig 4

Connect the long under body wand and sweep it under both sides of your car.

Long Wash Wand under car
Picture of Wash Trolley

If you have the Pro Kit with the Wash Trolley, move the trolley back and forth under the car.

Fig 5

Leave the car to drip dry for five minutes and then dry any remaining water with a ClasX super-absorbent chamois.

ClasX Chamois dry

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