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Introducing the ClasX cleaning range

ClasX Tester Kit

Cleaners made for classics

Our exceptional cleaning range has been crafted to deliver professional detailer quality results. We understand the pride you have for your vehicle, which is why our cleaners are carefully formulated to be gentle, yet highly effective.

Our formulas are designed to provide exceptional performance and real value for money. To enhance your cleaning experience, all our cleaners are infused with a pleasant apple mint scent.

Our comprehensive range is designed to clean and protect every surface both inside and outside your cherished motor. All our cleaners are UK made.

A range to trust


ClasX is dedicated to providing exceptional value for money, offering a range of products that deliver outstanding results without breaking the bank.

We understand classic car owners can be torn between budget and premium priced ranges. We want to bridge the gap, offering a perfect balance between affordability and quality.

Our goal is to give classic car owners the confidence to make long-term cleaning choices, knowing that they can rely on our products for excellent performance.

ClasX Winter Wash
Interior Cleaning Kit

Introducing our full range of cleaners

Road Rinse: This solvent-free multi-purpose cleaner is specially formulated to tackle hard automotive surfaces with ease. Road Rinse is the perfect companion for the ClasX Winter Wash Wand.

Winter Wash: Our super-concentrated shampoo is specifically designed to effortlessly remove winter road grime. Its powerful formulation will leave your vehicle looking its very best.

Hydro Protect: An easy-to-use hydrophobic sealant that provides superior exterior protection. It forms a protective barrier, guarding your vehicle against the elements and maintaining its appearance.

Leather and Fabric Cleaner: Tackles dirty leather and upholstery with ease. Formulated to remove grime without compromising the integrity of your surfaces, revitalizes your interior, leaving it fresh and renewed.

Interior Cleaner: Our silicone-free, water-based cleaner is specifically designed to clean and nourish plastics and other hard materials. Trust in this effective cleaner to keep your cabin looking its best.

Glass Cleaner: Experience the power of our advanced glass cleaner, specifically formulated to effortlessly cut through grime. Achieve crystal-clear windows and a pristine view with ease.

Super Wheel Clean: Our wheel cleaner is specially designed to tackle road muck and brake dust, leaving your wheels spotless. Safe to use on both steel and alloy wheels.

Tyre Protect: Enhance the look of your tyres with our superior high gloss tyre sealant. Not only does it clean your tyres, but it also provides long-lasting protection.

Waterless Wash: Enjoy the convenience of our waterless wash, a solution that cleans hard surfaces beautifully without the need for a bucket or hose. Our waterless wash ensures a spotless finish.

Easy Detail: For maximum shine in minimal time, our high-quality detailer is the perfect solution. With a quick spray and a swift wipe, you can restore your vehicle’s just-waxed shine in no time.

Picture of Easy Detail

Rolls Royce and Bently Driver – Magazine”This was made easier by some of ClasX task-specific products; a concentrated shampoo for winter (or barn find) levels of grime, and a spray-on cleaner for lighter localized areas. ClasX products and cricket on the radio made car washing a pleasure.” 

Classics Magazine – “ClasX have launched a range of ten cleaners to complement their Wash Wand kits. The range is designed to cover every surface. All the formulas are gentle yet effective and the little goes long way formulas guarantee value for money.” 

Mini World – “ClasX Winter Wash is a high-quality shampoo formulated to cut gently through road grime. It offers high lubricity and it foams well. The apple mint scent is pleasant too. It works well as a wheel shampoo, easily cutting through heavier soiling that a normal shampoo would struggle with. This starter kit is a great addition to your detailing kit.” 

Classic Sports Car“This product (waterless wash) from British firm ClasX is one of many I’ve tried and performed well in cleaning a tailgate on an otherwise tidy car, and resisted streaking too. The pricing is competitive.” 

Mini World – “ClasX Easy Detail is a quick detailer that restores shine by removing light contamination. It’s perfect for that last gloss top-up at a show or event.”

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