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ClasX Interior gift set (3 x 500ml)


We’ve got your classic interior fully covered. Leather and Fabric Cleaner, Interior Cleaner and  Glass Cleaner.

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Leather and Fabric Cleaner  Our remarkable 2 in 1 cleaner will help you tackle dirty leather and upholstery. As well as being a super cleaner it will also condition your leather, keeping it soft and preventing it from drying out. It will also shift stains and revival the natural colours of fabrics and vinyls. It’s also anti-bacterial, with a long-lasting aroma.

Interior Cleaner  Our silicone-free water-based cleaner will help you clean and nourish your car’s interior. This outstanding product will leave the inside of your car looking and feeling fresh and silky smooth. Suitable for dashboards, interior trims etc. Regular use will avoid drying, cracking and fading.

Glass Cleaner  Our advanced glass cleaner will help you cuts through dirt and grime with consummate ease. It evaporates quickly (even in damp conditions) and it won’t mark rubber. It’s also a very versatile product, able to clean windows, mirrors, plastics, vinyls and most other hard surfaces.

Made in the UK.