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Large Chamois


Two square feet of carefully selected sheepskin. Tanned with 100% cod oil to give a luxurious golden soft finish.

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Experience the ultimate luxury of our unique leather product. Made from carefully selected sheepskins and tanned with 100% cod oil, it boasts a soft, golden finish. This natural material has remarkable absorbency, capable of soaking up six times its weight in water. Crafted in the UK using traditional methods from a factory with a century-long legacy in chamois production. Scientific analysis confirms its softness and absorption. This high-quality product bounces back to life with each use. Please note: it’s not vegan-friendly and may vary in shape and size due to its natural origin.

How To Use:

  1. Dampen the chamois in a bucket of clean water. 2. Sweep the chamois over your car, wring out excess water as you go. 3. Clean in more clean water, wring it out, gently stretch it and hang it to dry in shade.

Before first use, the chamois should be washed in warm, soapy water. A mild soap designed for cleaning vehicles should be used, our Winter Wash is ideal.