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Soft Stockinette 500g


500 grams of soft cotton stockinette. Soft, absorbent and strong.

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Introducing our premium soft cotton stockinette – the perfect companion for all your cleaning needs! With a generous weight of 500 grams, our stockinette provides a substantial and durable material to tackle any task. Measuring approximately 5 meters in length and 30cm in width, it offers plenty of coverage for various cleaning jobs. Our stockinette is ideal for applying cleaners, drying surfaces, and general cleaning tasks. It’s particularly convenient for use-and-discard jobs, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience.  A helpful tip: Due to the nature of stockinette fabric, it may shed some fluff when cut. To minimize this, we recommend using sharp scissors, giving the cloth a good shake to remove excess fibres, and turning the cut ends in to prevent further shedding.