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ClasX Tester Set (5 x 100ml)


Not sure what to get? A great way to explore the range. Choose any five 100ml testers.

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A great way to explore the ClasX range. Choose five 100ml testers. Just enter what you would like to try under Additional Info at Checkout.

Super Wheel Clean  Our advanced wheel cleaner will keep your wheels looking new.

Tyre Protect  Our high gloss tyre sealant will leave your tyres looking new, with no drips or streaks.

Hydro Protect  Our premium sealant will provide your car’s bodywork maximum protection.

Winter Wash  Our super concentrated winter shampoo will help you shift winter grime with ease.

Road Rinse  Our super solvent-free multi-purpose cleaner will help you cleanse all your exterior surfaces quickly and safely.

Waterless Wash  Our waterless cleaner cleans hard surfaces beautifully.

Easy Detail  Easy detail is all about getting maximum shine in a limited time.

Fabric Cleaner  Our remarkable 2 in 1 cleaner will help you tackle dirty leather and upholstery.

Interior Cleaner  Our silicone-free water-based cleaner will help you clean and nourish your car’s interior.

Glass Cleaner  Our advanced glass cleaner will help you cut through dirt and grime with consummate ease.

Made in the UK.