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ClasX Wheel Set & Tyre gift set (3 x 500ml)


Give your wheels and tyres a cleaning treat. Super Wheel Clean, Tyre Protect and Hydro Protect.  Highly effective and long-lasting.

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Super Wheel Clean Our specially formulated cleaner is designed to break down even the toughest road grime and brake dust, leaving your wheels looking spotless. With a soft yet effective formula, our product is super easy to use and won’t damage your steel or alloy wheels.

Tyre Protect  Our high gloss tyre sealant will leave your tyres looking new, with no drips or streaks. The highly effective and long-lasting formula, containing high-grade silicone and white oil, will also protect your tyre wall from cracking and browning.

Hydro Protect  Our premium adds a microscopic thin layer of hydrophobic sealant to your wheels, which will help shrug off road salt and muck. If you want durability, shine and beading this is the product for you.

Made in the UK.