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ClasX Cleaning

Protect your classic from road salt damage

Welcome to our website, where we offer a range of cleaning products specifically designed to safeguard your beloved classic car from harsh UK winters.

Discover our best-selling Winter Wash Wand Kits, a patent-pending system designed to protect your prized possession from road salt. When you drive on gritted roads, your car is sprayed in highly corrosive brine. Over time this can lead to severe rust, part failure and expensive repairs. Fortunately, the most effective way to minimize salt damage is to wash your vehicle regularly. We provide you the tools and products you need to tackle this challenge head-on.

Our Winter Wash Wand System, along with our other specially formulated cleaning products, will help you maintain the pristine condition of your classic car year round.

Don’t let winter take a toll on your cherished vehicle. Explore our website today and discover the solution to protecting your car from salt damage.

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Less salt equals less rust

ClasX in the press

Classic and Sportscar Magazine – “These ClasX lances are an ideal way to wash away salt and road grime from the tricky-to-reach wheelarches and underfloor areas. An effortless and excellently priced way to keep your classic in great condition, even in the places you can’t see.” 

Car Mechanic Magazine – “ClasX Cleaning’s Winter Wash Wand system protects your pride and joy from the corrosion caused by road salt. Originally designed for Classics, the five-step cleaning set-up can protect any car from the ground up.” 

Mini Magazine – “ClassX Cleaning have launched a unique five-step system for reducing corrosion caused by road salt. The system makes it a cinch to clean the bottom of your car every time its driven on a gritted road.”   

Rolls Royce and Bently Driver Magazine – “This was made easier by some of ClasX task-specific products; a concentrated shampoo for winter (or barn find) levels of grime, and a spray-on cleaner for lighter localized areas. ClasX products and cricket on the radio made car washing a pleasure.” 

Classics Magazine – “ClasX have launched a range of ten cleaners to complement their Wash Wand kits. The range is designed to cover every surface. All the formulas are gentle yet effective and the little goes long way formulas guarantee value for money.” 

Mini World – “ClasX Winter Wash is a high-quality shampoo formulated to cut gently through road grime. It offers high lubricity and it foams well. The apple mint scent is pleasant too. It works well as a wheel shampoo, easily cutting through heavier soiling that a normal shampoo would struggle with. This starter kit is a great addition to your detailing kit.” 

Classic Sports Car – “This product (waterless wash) from British firm ClasX is one of many I’ve tried and performed well in cleaning a tailgate on an otherwise tidy car, and resisted streaking too. The pricing is competitive.” 

Mini World – “ClasX Easy Detail is a quick detailer that restores shine by removing light contamination. It’s perfect for that last gloss top-up at a show or event.”

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