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ClasX Waterless Wash 500ml


Cleans hard surfaces beautifully when water isn’t available. Keep a bottle in your boot.

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Introducing our waterless cleaner – the ultimate solution for getting your car’s hard surfaces spotless without the need for a bucket or hose! Our specially formulated cleaner is designed to work like a charm on both gloss and matte finishes, leaving your car looking beautifully clean. With our waterless cleaner, you can keep a bottle in your boot and enjoy the convenience of giving your car a quick clean when you arrive at a show or club meeting. Plus, our product is made right here in the UK, so you can feel good about supporting a homegrown product. Order now and experience the difference in your car’s cleanliness!

How To Use:

  1. Shake well.  2. Mist the area you’re working on.  3. Wipe the cleaner over with a microfibre cloth. 4. Buff with a second clean microfibre cloth.