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Luxury Microfibre Cloth


The best microfibre we can find. Very fine fibres (x2 finer than silk) give it the feel of a luxury item.

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Not all cloths are created equal! We’ve gone through numerous options to find the absolute best, and these have surpassed all others by far. Crafted from incredibly fine fibres, finer than silk in fact, these cloths offer a luxurious feel like no other. While most microfibres have a GSM (grams per square metre) under 200, these boast an impressive 500 GSM, ensuring superior quality and performance. Unlike cheap alternatives made solely from polyester, our cloths are thoughtfully crafted with 20% polyamide, resulting in a level of luxury softness that you’ll truly appreciate. Whether used wet or dry, these versatile microfibre cloths are up for any cleaning task.