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Starter Wash Wand Kit


A short Wash Wand for cleaning your bodywork and a long Wash Wash Wand for cleaning under your car. PLUS 100ml samples of our Road Rinse & Winter Wash and a small chamois.

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Introducing our Starter Wash Wand Kit – our entry level car cleaning solution! This kit includes two wands – a short one for cleaning your car’s bodywork and a special long one for cleaning under your car. This starter kit includes a 100ml sample of our Road Rinse, a gentle cleaner that helps loosen salt deposits, making it perfect for quick rinses over the harsh winter months. Additionally, the kit includes a 100ml sample of our special Winter Wash Shampoo, which is specifically designed to tackle dirt and grime that may contain road salt, leaving your car thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. And to ensure a spotless finish, we’ve included a small sample super-absorbent natural chamois (please note as it is a natural product, shape and size will vary). 

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